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Today, the youngest tone-wheel Hammonds are 40 years old and the oldest approaching 80 years in service! Even those models appearing in top physical condition are likely over-due for service work and in some cases may even pose significant safety hazards due to deteriorating electronic components and wiring insulation. Those examples in the worst physical condition - the 'good as garbage' Hammond or Leslie - can be lovingly restored and brought back to life, re-presented both physically and tonally as the day it left the factory. There is no repair we can't handle. Protect your investment! A wide range of services are offered - send us an email and lets discuss how we can help you with your pride and joy - the Hammond organ.

We provide parts and expertise service, modification, reconditioning & complete restoration work for tone-wheel Hammond console models A, AB, BA, BC/BV/B2/B3, CV/D/C2/C3, A-100, concert models D-100, E & RT/2/3, spinet models M/2/3, L100, M100 as well as every aforementioned model built in Canada under the moniker Northern Hammond. We also service all tube driven Leslie speakers; 21, 22, 25, 30, 31, 32, 44, 45, 46, 47, 50, 51, 122, 125, 142, 145, 147, 222, 225, 242, 245, 247, 251 & 351.

We design and build custom interface kits for Leslies and line-out needs, effect-loops, reverb effects and more. We stock Hammond and Leslie oil plus a large variety of replacement parts, contact us with your specific needs and we'll be glad to help.

UPDATE! We are now an official distributor of TREK II, the wonderful prodcers of aftermarket Hammond and Leslie products. Please visit TREK II for a current product list and prices.


1938 Model B Refinishing

1958 Model B3 Restortation

Typical Leslie rebuild encounters

Internal Components